At Merrifield Farm, we strive to create amazing products while eliminating waste. By becoming a member of our farm you help us plan how much meat we need to produce. 


Want to become a member? 


Joining our membership program allows you to share intimately in the farm experience. Farm members commit to supporting us throughout the year and in return we will share with you the best produce our farm has to offer.


Why is membership important?


 Farm members are the lifeblood of our farm. Memberships give us the confidence to develop and improve our farm, knowing that we have the support of our members behind us. 


So what do you get?


As a member you get a monthly delivery tailored specifically to your needs. You select a base for your monthly delivery of either 5kg, 10kg or 20kg. This can either be solely pork or a mixed pack with beef and lamb. Unlike our standard customer packs, we will work with you to put together a selection of cuts tailored to your particular tastes and needs. For example single serves for individuals, dual serves for couples or larger roasts for families.


Our members also get first choice of our special products like Christmas hams, bacon, salamis and other porky treats.


Am I limited to what I initially selected?


No, the aim of the membership program is we work with you to make the pack specific for you. If you primarily want 5kg of pork a month and then want to order extra meat occasionally - no worries!

What if I need to skip a month?


No problems! Just contact us at least 2 weeks before and let us know.


What if I want to add more?


No problems, we will can add to your deliveries as a one off or seasonally, just give us a call.


Can everyone join?


We wish we could feed the nation but the nature of free range slow food production is that we are limited in how many members we can support each year. If you want to join give us a call and we can see if we have spots available.


Want to Join?

Email us at