About Us

Our Pigs


Our pigs are pure bred Berkshire. These pigs are renowned for their incredible marbled meat and great nature.


They are slow growing and pasture raised, always having grass under their feet and plenty of room to run about and be piggy.


Our pigs are fed on a mixture of produce grown on the farm and locally sourced grains.




Our Cows


We are running a herd of Speckle Park cattle that are pasture raised and feed on the grasses growing in our paddocks.


Our succulent and tender beef is aged to bring out the best that grass fed beef can offer.



Based in Merriwa in the Upper Hunter Valley, Merrifield Farm is a small family owned business providing high quality, ethically farmed pork and beef. We moved here from the coast in 2014 as part of a tree change and a chance to be producers and providers of great food straight from the paddock.

We believe in farming animals in a sustainable and ethical manner that compliments and improves our land. We have chosen a free range, sustainable way of farming that keeps our pigs, cows and sheep on green pasture and allows them to display the behaviours that you would normally expect from these animals.