Small Family-Owned Business

Mathew, his late wife Lucy and their sons Jensen and Findlay made the move from the coast in 2015 with three goals in mind - raise livestock in an ethical manner, turn the livestock into quality meat and sell that meat to discerning customers who care about where their meat comes from and how it is raised. Merrifield Farm is still a small family-owned business that is proudly producing top quality pork which is delivered direct from our farm to your fridge.


Based in Merriwa in the Upper Hunter Valley, Merrifield Farm is a small family owned business providing high quality, ethically farmed pork and beef. Our goal is to be producers and providers of great food, delivered straight from our farm to your fridge.

We believe in farming animals in a sustainable and humane manner. It is our hope that we can leave our piece of this country a little bit better than we found it. 


Our pigs are purebred Heritage Berkshire. Berkshire pigs are an English heritage breed, also known as Kurobota pork. The breed produces some of the best quality pork in the world due to the excellent meat-to-fat ratio, marbling and slow growth which results in superior texture, flavour and tenderness. 


They are slow growing and pasture raised, always having dirt under their feet and plenty of room to run about and be piggy. This produces simply delicious pork. The flesh is darker in colour and has a firm feel, tastes sweet, rich and has a clean aftertaste, soft fat and great marbling which makes for great flavour and juiciness. 


Our pigs are fed on a mixture of barley fodder grown on the farm, whey and supplementary nutritionally balanced feed.

We deliver our pork, beef and lamb to customers in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney.


Our Berkshire pork is 100% Natural - no chemicals, no hormones and no antibiotics, just real, natural delicious pork.